Federica Paganelli

Research Activities

Service-Oriented Computing

This research activity focuses on investigating issues on Service-Oriented Computing. More specifically I am involved in the design and development of a Service- and message-oriented middleware and components for dynamic service composition, QoS and context-aware service selection. I am involved in demonstration activities in different application domains: maritime surveillance, tourism, infomobility and home-based care assistance (more details in the Research Projects section).

Context Awareness and Ambient Intelligence

This research activity focuses on the design of new physical and virtual environments, leveraging on Ambient Intelligence technologies and Knowledge Management systems, in order to support mobile teamworking and the informal collaboration among individuals and groups.
The outcome of this activity is the design of an ontology-based context model and a Context Management Systems. Validation of these artifacts has been performed in two different application scenarios: tourism and home-based care assistance (more details in the Research Projects section).

Metadata for Document Management

A huge amount of organizational information is encoded and formalized in unstructured documents. The objective of this PhD work (2004) is to enable the effective management of this type of organizational information by proposing a Metadata Model, called DMSML (Document Management and Sharing Markup Language). DMSML is a comprehensive model for Document Management, encompassing descriptive, collaboration and process characteristics of unstructured documents and supports the conception of a completely declarative approach for the design and automatic deployment of Document Management Systems. The work includes the design of a DMSML Framework prototype, which provides the user with instrumental support for the adaptation and use of the metadata set and design, deployment and operation of a Document Management System. more...