Federica Paganelli

Research Projects

SMARTSANTANDER EU FP7 IP Project (GA no. 257992).

EU Research Project - Future Internet Research & Experimentation - http://www.smartsantander.eu/. Selection as new beneficiary in the 2nd open competitive call with the experiment “Information-centric approach for Web of Sensors Applications. Results: middleware and user-centric tools for developing Web of Things application in a Smart City.
KEYWORDS: Web of Things, Smart City, Web Application.

Distributed sensor data processing engine

Research contract funded by Telecom Italia. Topic: distributed data processing of energy consumption data in private buildings for device classification and Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM).
KEYWORDS: Energy Management, Home Gateway, Device classification, Non Intrusive Load Monitoring, Neural Networks, Hidden Markoc Models.


Research contract funded by Elsag Datamat within the SLIMPORT (Sicurezza, Logistica, Intermodalità Portuale) Research Project funded by the Italian Minister for Economic Development. Partners: Elsag Datamat (coordinator), Telespazio, ENEA, Bombardier Transportation Italy, SELEX Communications, CNIT (sub-contractor).
Topics: study of service-oriented and event-driven models and complex event processing techniques in sense-and-respond applications for logistics and goods monitoring
KEYWORDS: SOA, complex event processing, RFID, sensors.

SIRIS -Waste monitoring system, based on the use of mobile, RFID and sensing technologies

Research contract with ElsagDatamat within the SIRIS Project (Servizi di infomobilità per l’ottimizzazione e il tracciamento della raccolta e trasporto di rifiuti speciali - Waste monitoring system, based on the use of mobile, RFID and sensing technologies), Research Project funded by Regione Toscana. Partners: Elsag Datamat, AME, PHYSIS, CNIT (sub-contractor).
Topics: design of a waste monitoring system based on the integration of data from RFID and sensing nodes.
KEYWORDS: SOA, complex event processing, RFID, sensors.

ASINFO (Service Architecture for Infomobility - Architetture di sistema e Servizi Integrati per l'INFOmobilita')

Applied Research Project funded by Italian Government (2007-ongoing). The project is coordinated by Finmeccanica. It has a budget of 11 million euro and it aims at the realization of a significant national test-bed for interoperable mobility services for people and goods.
I am involved with CNIT in the design and development of a service brokering framework for etourism service delivery. The framework is based on a service- and message-oriented middleware endowed with configurability, scalability and service dynamic composition capabilities.
KEYWORDS: Service-oriented Architecture, Context-aware computing, e-Tourism

SIMOB (Integrated System for Infomobility - Sistema Integrato per l'Infomobilita')

Research Project funded by Regione Toscana and coordinated by CNIT (2008-ongoing).
Topics: adoption of System of Systems (SoS) principles in modeling Intelligent Transport Systems and innovation processes; analysis of standard protocols for message exchange in the Infomobility domain (e.g., DATEX2, SIRI, TRANSMODEL, RDS-TMC, TPEG)
KEYWORDS: System of Systems, XML-based messagging, Traffic information, Public Transport Information


Research Project funded by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (2009-ongoing). The objective of the project is the design and prototypal development of a ICT service framework for dangerous goods transport monitoring and handling.
Topics: requirement analysis for dangerous goods monitoring - design of a service middleware for integrating RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks with enterprises-level application for sensor data filtering, interpretation, event triggering and handling
KEYWORDS: RFID, event processing, dangerous goods monitoring

GEMOM (Genetic Message Oriented Secure Middleware)

FP7 European Research Project (2008-ongoing). The objective of GEMOM is the analysis, development and validation of a scalable, adaptive, secure, self-organising messagging framework.
Topics: analysis, design and test of the GEMOM middleware in a case study for the exchange of toll data in a highway network
KEYWORDS: message-oriented middleware, self* capabilities

KAMER (Knowledge Management in Ambient Intelligence)

Applied Research Project, funded by Regione Emilia Romagna (2005-2007). Partners: CNIT, HP Italy, Universita' Cattolica.
Topics:analysis, design and development of a Context Management Framework. The Framework has been customised for the validation in two different case studies: - a mobile tourism guide for the delivery of location-based, reputation and social networking services - a distributed application for home-based monitoring assistance to chronic patients

More information and available ontologies here

KEYWORDS: Ontology-based context model, rule-based reasoning, context-awareness, context management framework

Infoter (Interoperability and orchestration of location-based information services for mobility of persons)

Applied Research Project funded by Regione Toscana (2006-2007). The objective is the conception and design of context-aware architecture for mobility services .
I coordinated the CNIT team in the analysis of standard specifications for traffic message exchange.
KEYWORDS: Web Services, Traffic information

Telep@b (Electronic Technologies for Participation in Municipal Budgetary Process)

e-government national project (2007-ongoing). The objective is the modeling of policy-making of participative processes and design of a web application supporting citizen participation in the municipal budgetary process.
I coordinated the task of design of the web application for eDemocracy services.
KEYWORDS: eDemocracy, workflow management, Content Management System